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The official Trailer of the Movie " The Man Who Knew Infinity is out.

The official Trailer of the Movie " The Man Who Knew Infinity" is out. Its about the Great Indian Mathematician - Srinivasa Ramanujanhttps://youtu.be/oXGm9Vlfx4w

The Man Who knew Infinity-This Movie got a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDB

Jaya Hey — Jana Gana Mana Video Song by 39 Artists

"Jana Gana Mana " जन गण मन) is the national anthem of India. Written in highly Sanskritised (Tatsama) Bengali, it is the first of five stanzas of a Brahmo hymn composed and scored by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It was first sung in Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress on 27 December 1911. "Jana Gana Mana" was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the Indian national anthem on 24 January 1950. 27 December 2011 marked the completion of 100 years of Jana Gana Mana since it was sung for the first time.