List of Text which activates Facebook Animation

Here we are sharing a list of Keywords which when posted in the Facebook status or Comment will produce an animated effect.

Facebook Text Delights Animations

Actually, these animations are called "Facebook Text Delight Animations" and it looked very cool when out of your entire friend list you are the first one to use them. 

So let's start. Here is the first one   

  • Ballons Animations
    Simply Type any of the below Keyword and Press Enter and You will get this type of Animation.


  • Floating Heart Animation
  • Clapping Hands Animations
  • Jumping Thumbs Animation
    You Got This
  • Like With Flowers Animation
    Lovely Time or Wonderful Time
  • Rolling Football Animation
  • That's it what I know until now. I'll keep updating the list as I discover more.

    Thank you for reading. Now, what are you waiting for go to facebook and surprise your friends with these cool animations.

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